3 Trendy Styles to Consider for Your Remodel

Posted on December 29, 2016

Preparing for home remodeling in Lake Geneva can be overwhelming in the sheer range of options that are available. You will need to decide what your objective is, what you envision and which style your renovation will focus on. The latter of these, style, is an important factor. It will depend largely on your own tastes, but you should take other factors into consideration, too. Consider these three popular styles for a trendy home renovation.

Midcentury Modern

Midcentury modern style has made a bold comeback in recent years, and nobody seems to be complaining. This attractive trend is defined by windows with trim, simple design and elegant silhouettes. All of these hallmarks of design create a 50s era vibe that is as inviting as it is retro. If you opt for midcentury modern home remodeling in Lake Geneva, a window contractor can help you find the panes to match.


Southwestern is another distinct style that has been popularly adopted by many homeowners. Its hallmarks include bright colors, festive decor and gridded windows. Inspiration is typically drawn from as the name would suggest southwestern states such as Arizona, Nevada and New Mexico. Accents such as tile, terra cotta and stucco are commonly found in such homes and create a beautifully warm effect that invites visitors and makes the space feel like home.


Perhaps the most classic of all styles is the craftsman style. This timeless trend has endured decades and emerged as an unwavering favorite for homes around the country. The style typically refers to homes that feature a porch and columns, but it can be seen in many other parts of a home, too. Emphasizing classic American design, natural materials and simplicity creates the Craftsman effect that so many people enjoy when they invest in home remodeling in Lake Geneva. These homes also tend to invite natural light, so you should find quality windows to complete the renovation.