3 Reasons Why Fiberglass Doors Are the Best

Posted on September 10 2015

As you go about shopping for new patio doors, you will be confronted with many material options. There will be wood, vinyl, aluminum, steel, and fiberglass. Salespeople will tell you how each one is better than the others. It can be overwhelming sorting through all that information to try to figure out which type really is the best. The answer is simple and proven: fiberglass. Here are three reasons why you should choose fiberglass doors in Janesville, WI, for your patio.

1. They Are Strong

The highest quality fiberglass is as strong as steel and requires a diamond blade for cutting through it. You want your doors to be strong not only because they will last longer but also because they allow for a slimmer frame profile so you have more glass area, which means a larger view to the beauty outside.

2. They Withstand Extreme Temperatures

The best fiberglass can handle extreme temperatures, both high and low, without contracting and expanding as other materials do. This quality makes it more energy efficient and resilient. The true evidence of its high performance has been proven through rigorous testing. After being baked in an oven and exposed to the freezing cold, it had no corrosion, blistering, or peeling.

3. The Finish Is Just as Tough

Fiberglass doors in Janesville, WI, must be tough in all aspects. They need a durable finish, such as acrylic, to prevent chips and nicks as they go from the manufacturer to your home, especially during installation. They also won’t show wear typical of paint finishes, such as fading, chalking, and scratching. This makes them both longer lasting and lower maintenance than other materials. The finish is also more consistent than paint and doesn’t have drips or peels. It makes the overall appearance classy and clean.

These three reasons are enough for you to realize why fiberglass doors in Janesville, WI, are the best you can buy. They will save you money over time through their strength, high performance, and durability and will also beautify your home.