Choose Fiberglass Doors for Strength and Beauty

Posted on July 30 2016

The front door of your home is a focal point of style and security. It needs to do its job to keep you and your family safe, but should also be able to reflect the architectural design and beauty of your home. Fiberglass is a great choice of material for entry doors in Janesville WI.

A fiberglass door is a solid barrier for both the front and back entries for you home. Known for its durability, it is extremely difficult to dent, unlike steel. It is also superior to wood because it does not warp, twist or bow due to the fact that it deflects moisture and is resilient against bad weather.

A wide variety of styles of these types of doors are available to choose from to match the look that goes with the design and color scheme of your home. Many fiberglass doors are manufactured with grains that look just like wood, mimicking the natural look without all of the problems that come with owning a wood door. Options are also available with distinct shapes and styles of glass inserts and sidelights too.

When you are choosing your entry doors in Janesville WI, you should also think about energy efficiency. Fiberglass doors have up to five times the amount of insulation value than wood doors. This, along with a good door sealing system, can make a big difference over time with your utility bills. When you have a solid and sealed front and back door, your HVAC unit does not have to work as hard, reducing costly repairs.

Homeowners should consider fiberglass when selecting entry doors in Janesville WI. Moving forward with this home improvement project will offer strength, long-term durability, beauty and important energy efficiency for you and your family. With these types of advantages, it is a great choice of material when you are selecting new doors for your home.