Keep Out the Cold With a Fiberglass Door

Posted on January 18 2016

Heating your home this winter can be a challenge when you have inadequate doors letting in the cold. If your doors allow more heat to escape than they can hold in, then it is time to consider calling a door company in Janesville, WI before your energy bills go through the roof or out the door. Discover the benefits of installing new, durable fiberglass doors and learn how much you can save in energy costs every winter.

One of most appealing qualities of fiberglass is its durability. Unlike its wood or steel counterparts, fiberglass is an impact resistant material; it is able to absorb hard blows without leaving a dent or crack. This kind of damage in traditional doors can lead to a loss of energy efficiency, not to mention a decrease in aesthetic value. Fiberglass doors are built to defend against water and air infiltration, keeping your door and your home shielded from the elements.

Fitting your home with new fiberglass doors will also improve the energy efficiency of your doorframe, which is a leading source of heat loss. A door company in Janesville, WI will be able to properly weather strip and seal your new door into its frame. No longer will you feel a draft coming from the sides and corners of your entryway. And with a door bottom sweep and a profiled fill, you can rest assured your new door will fit snuggly and function smoothly. After installing a new door, you will immediately notice the change in the environment. Stopping paying for an inadequate door that wastes energy.

Fiberglass doors offer the combined value and strength of wood and steel doors but without the maintenance. Fiberglass does not need to be repainted or stained; whereas wood can fade, warp and rot, fiberglass will last you a lifetime. Contact your local door company in Janesville, WI today and experience the benefits of a fiberglass door firsthand.