Opening the Door to Your Home Remodel

Posted on May 16, 2017

When you find yourself home remodeling in Lake Geneva, WI, choosing a new entry door is one of the most critical decisions you will make. It affects both the security and the energy efficiency of your entire home, as well as gives guests their first impression as they walk up from the street.

You will want to find a company that offers a wide variety of style and color options to best match the individual look of your property. If you want to be able to see guests coming, you may want to look into doors set with glass as well. But beyond the look, you will want expert help and advice when it comes to materials and installation.

The doors material will affect its security, durability, and energy efficiency. Wooden doors are a classic, great-looking choice, but they often warp over time, breaking the weather seal. Wisconsins full range of seasons can be hard on wooden doors.

Another option when home remodeling in Lake Geneva is stainless steel: It is extremely secure, durable, and energy efficient. However, you may want to consider how you will feel if your door gets dented; often dents in stainless steel doors can not be popped out. It is a real waste to replace an entire door in order to fix a single dent!

Fiberglass doors tend to be an excellent choice. They are available in many styles and colors, long-lasting, and energy efficient. They do not warp even in extreme weather, and they tend to cost less than stainless steel doors, too.

Most importantly, you will want your door installed by an expert. However carefully you choose the materials for your new door, it would not be secure or weather-sealed unless it is installed well. Why take risks with your heating bill or your security? Find a company with a good reputation and references to put in your new door.

Your front door is the first introduction to your home. Choose wisely when home remodeling in Lake Geneva!