Should You Fix or Replace Your Windows?

Posted on November 14, 2016

If your windows have been damaged, you may wonder whether it is worthwhile to have them fixed or purchase replacement windows. Since windows often represent a significant expense, many homeowners will opt to patch up the problem to delay the inevitable of buying new windows. These periodic repairs may end up costing more money in the long run than simply replacing the windows. In addition, repairs create out-of-pocket expenses whereas a window contractor can provide financing so you can pay off your windows over the long term. Discuss your options with a professional in home remodeling in Lake Geneva.

Know Your Windows

One of the best ways of determining whether you should replace or repair your windows is to take an honest look at various factors. If your windows are a certain age, namely, 15 years or older, you are probably going to have to replace them soon anyway, and repair may not be worth it. Even if your windows are not that old, if you notice significant wear-and-tear already, it may be better to contact a company dealing with home remodeling in Lake Geneva and ask for replacement windows. If you notice cracks or leaks along the side of the windows and caulking would not help, you may prefer windows with a secure, airtight construction.

Safety and Value

Even if your windows are not damaged beyond repair, you might consider replacement windows to improve energy efficiency. A significant amount of the money spent on heating and cooling homes can be wasted because of the use of inefficient windows. While energy efficient windows may not provide a dramatic payoff immediately, you will save significantly over the long term. In addition, top-quality windows enhance security and can reduce the risk of burglaries. Speak with the company focusing on home remodeling in Lake Geneva about theirtypes of replacement windows that enhance safety, save energy and complement your home decor.