Surprising Uses for Doors Inside and Outside the Home

Posted on June 29 2016

Around the home, uses for doors can seem pretty simple. We open them to enter, close them to depart and do not think much about them the rest of the time. But homeowners are increasingly recognizing the creative ways you can work with a door company in Janesville WI to give these entryways new life.

Older homes often have a small, indoor porch area separated from the rest of the house by little more than a step. Why not transform it into a mud room? Add wood panels, benches for sitting to remove shoes and storage containers. Finally, choose an attractive door to separate the mud room from the rest of the house with style.

Create a sitting room. With modern home design moving away from the enclosed corridors of the past, segue areas have become more and more common. These small but undefined areas are often found between a bathroom and the master bedroom or between a kitchen and a great room - and they typically lack a real sense of purpose. Double doors to the rescue! Work with a door company in Janesville WI to find the perfect fit of glass doors to create an elegant sitting room.

The entry to a patio, foyer or even a bedroom is not a surprising place to find a unique door. But how about an indoor closet? It may sound wacky, but adding a set of graceful French doors is an amazing way to upgrade your walk-in closet. What is that - you do not want to put your shoes and sweaters on display? Mount sheers on the inside to provide privacy while creating a romantic, stylish look.

A doorway can set the tone for a room or an entire home. Call a door company in Janesville WI to fill your space with creative, attractive doors that will make you and your guests feel at ease.