Top 5 Warning Signs You Need New Windows

Posted on February 16, 2017

Few things can ruin the look and feel of your home quicker than outdated, broken, or inefficient windows. If you are considering window installation in Janesville, WI, you might have a hunch that your windows could use some updating. Here is a countdown of the top five warning signs you need new windows.

5. Broken Glass

Broken windows offer a way for pests, weather, and bad guys to get into your home. You do not want that. So, to keep these things out, you probably boarded up your windows, making your house inefficient and ugly. You do not want that either. If you have broken glass or boarded-up windows, you should probably consider replacement.

4. Condensation

Condensation or icing on the inside of your windows is an indication that they are not as efficient as they should be. To better keep the elements out, you might need to upgrade to better-insulated windows. Professional window installation in Janesville, WI, can tell you whether your excess moisture is fixable or if you need to consider replacement.

3. High Bills

If your utility costs seem higher than they should, you might be losing energy through your outdated windows. That will cost you money by forcing your heater to work harder in the winter and your air conditioner to struggle in the summer.

2. Inoperability

For safety and comfort reasons, your windows should open and close easily. If they do not, you are limiting potential emergency exists and constraining your ability to enjoy summer breezes.

1. Unattractiveness

Unattractive windows can bring down the curb appeal of your entire house. If you look at your windows and they are downright ugly, it might be time to search for better looking ones.

If you notice the top five signs that you need to replace your windows, window installation in Janesville, WI, can give you the functional, efficient, beautiful windows you want.