Ways to Weed Out Bad Door Contractors

Posted on May 16 2016

Door Company Janesville WI

Hiring a door company in Janesville, WI may seem easy, but a little finesse is needed in order to find the best one around. You want to avoid getting ripped off, which can be difficult to determine from just looking at a companys website. During the consultation, keep a few things in mind so that you know whether to hire the person or move on.

Get Everything in Writing

Some companies prefer to do business according to a gentlemans agreement. They say they will do a specific task with a certain warranty in place, but they refuse to give you anything in writing. This is an immediate red flag. If anything goes wrong, you want to be certain you have physical proof that you are owed something.

They Have the Lowest Bid

Everyone wants to save cash, but you should never save a little bit of money at the expense of inferior craftsmanship. When getting any type of home renovation, it is best to invest a little. Spending a little more money now will pay off in dividends in the long run.

Talk to Past Customers Who Got the Same Job as You

Real references are one of the most reliable ways to tell if a company is top-notch. However, as you are going through reviews, it is important to find ones that are relevant to what you want to do to your house. For instance, if you are getting new entry doors, then seeing how well a company installs windows would not be the most relevant thing to do in your situation.

Finding a great door company in Janesville, WI such as Soberg Window & Door Company is easy. With a little planning, you and your contractor should be able to come up with the best solution to your needs. If you want a new door, then start making calls today.