What Causes Premature Window Failure?

Posted on January 16, 2017

If you have recently gotten a residential window replacement in Janesville, WI, then ideally, you will not have to worry about it again for a while. However, there are certain things that can cause windows to break down sooner than expected. Keep an eye on the following factors so that you can avoid them if possible.

Improper Installation

A big reason why residential windows break down is simply because they were not installed correctly. The window needs to be a perfect fit or else drafts and moisture are going to build up around the structure. If you have just moved into your house, it is possible the previous owners did not do a good job with the installation. Whenever you get a residential window replacement in Janesville, WI you need to be certain it is done by fully licensed individuals.

Lack of Maintenance

Your windows need to be taken care of regularly. It is recommended that a professional window contractor inspect your house once a year to ensure everything continues working fine. These inspections might reveal minor problems that can be addressed now in order to prevent more complicated problems from arising. It is better to do routine maintenance and fix small problems than to go without maintenance and eventually have to deal with large issues.

Extreme Weather

Unfortunately, you do not have any control of the weather in Wisconsin. During certain seasons, it can really rain and snow hard. Pay attention to the area around your windows during these storms. If you notice any leaking, then you need to address that immediately because that area can soon flood.

Over time you will have no choice but to get a residential window replacement in Janesville, WI. However, if you take the right steps, then you will not have to worry about doing that for a while. Find a window company near you to help you out that offers unparalleled expertise.