Window Styles for Your Home

Posted on October 26, 2016

When it is time for window installation in Janesville, WI, you can choose from a variety of window styles. Your choice will likely be a combination of aesthetics and functionality.

Double hung windows are extremely common. They have two panels that are arranged vertically, and you can move both up and down. This style allows for maximum variation in airflow while also being extremely easy to clean. Sliding sash windows have the same concept, except they open from side to side. These windows are often used above a kitchen sink, as they can be easily opened with a simple reach.

Bay windows date back to the English Renaissance. They are a popular choice for letting in a great deal of sun throughout the day, and while they have historically been used in large homes, they work for smaller homes as well. Bow windows are similar to bay windows, but just a step fancier. More glass panels are used in order to accommodate the curvature of the architecture.

Awning windows are often used on small window frames, as they can be pushed open on a hinge to let air in. Because of their design, they simultaneously keep debris from entering the home. When you look for window installation in Janesville, WI, ask if the awning style might be a good option for your smaller windows. For a more industrial look, choose jalousie windows. Instead of having a single panel that opens out, these have multiple panels on one track, similar to Venetian blinds.

Of course, you might not want all of your windows to open, so when you get window installation in Janesville, WI, you will likely have one or more fixed windows installed. These do not open and close, similar to bay and bow windows, and they come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Proper window installation can give your home a makeover. New windows often increase a homes resale value, in part because newer windows are often more energy efficient and therefore allow the homeowner to cut down on energy costs.