Benefits of French Doors

Posted on March 14th, 2015

Benefits of French Doors

The type of entryway you install can transform the look of your home from ordinary to extraordinary. Imagine a wall with a standard door in it and then a wall with French doors in it. The wall goes from being plain and uninteresting to having personality and refinement. French doorways show that careful thought went into how the home would be set up and what features would best showcase each room. There are many benefits to adding this feature to your home, from the fun to the functional.

First, double doorways are extremely customizable. You may choose to have one set, or two side by side, or windows on each side or a variety of other options. You can have custom security locks built in and match the hardware to your home’s other fixtures. French doors can be painted to match your house or stained a warm wood, whichever you desire.

Second, this type of entryway creates the illusion of added space. When you install French doors between rooms in your home, the area still feels open, even though it now has more functionality in separate spaces. When a French entrance is added to the exterior of home, the room is now open to the outside world, drastically increasing the dimension in the room. The floor-to-ceiling windows allow in lots of light, brightening the home and creating a lighter atmosphere in any space. During the winter months this is especially important, when sunshine can be let in without letting the heat out.

French doors are also very aesthetically pleasing and have a classic feel to them. Whenever you walk into a room that has French doorways in it, a feeling of charm and sophistication abounds. There are so many different types and styles of entries available, allowing them to be customized to enhance any home’s current design. Adding a French entry will add depth and interest to your home, while at the same time causing your home to look bigger, brighter and more beautiful.