Choosing Between Sliding and Hinged Patio Doors

Posted on September 16 2015

It’s well known that entryway doors make a significant difference in the appearance and value of your home. The same applies to your patio doors. They allow in maximum sunlight for a clear, refreshing ambiance. They offer a picturesque view of outside and invite you to go outside to enjoy fresh air and the nature surrounding you, which positively affects your overall sense of well-being. The benefits of installing patio doors in Janesville, WI, are obvious, but what may not be obvious is if they should be sliding or hinged.

Sliding doors comprise two or three panels. One of them opens by sliding to the left or right along a track, and the other panel or two are fixed. They allow the most light in and the most unobstructed view. They give you the most use of room space as well since they move side to side in a straight line as opposed to swinging in or out. They have great insulation, making them energy efficient. Also, sliding screens can easily be added if you want them.

Hinged patio doors in Janesville, WI, open inward or outward. They can be center hung or French style. With center hung, one panel is fixed and the other is hinged at the center, opening at the outer edge. With French style, the panels are hinged at the outer edges and meet at the center. Both sides canopen or you can opt for only one to open while the other remains fixed. If you don’t want sliding doors, hinged ones are better than going with regular exterior doors because their single or multiple panes are much more attractive and bring in more natural lighting. They aren’t as energy efficient but weather stripping can easily be added. However, installing screens can be expensive and detract from the sophisticated look.

Choosing between sliding and hinged patio doors in Janesville, WI, is a matter of personal preference. Regardless of which you add to your home, the benefits are the same. You will have increased lighting and ventilation and a beautiful exit to your patio.