Consider This Before Buying Your New Patio Door

Posted on July 30 2015

Patio doors in Walworth County are popular features of many homes. They provide convenient outside access while giving you an unimpeded view that can flood your interior spaces with beautiful natural light. In decades past, these doors got a bad reputation for poor energy efficiency and security, but modern solutions offer significant improvements on older models. As with any other home upgrade today, you have a wealth of options to choose from. With a little research, you can pick the perfect patio door for you.

What Material Is Best for You?

First, you should know what all the material options are:

Each of these materials has a unique set of pros and cons. Metallic options are strong, durable and cheap, but they offer minimal energy efficiency. Fiberglass is expensive upfront, but it is popular due to its superior life expectancy and energy ratings. Vinyl is not as durable as fiberglass, but it does offer a similar range of benefits for a cheaper price.

What’s Your Style?

Three basic styles for patio doors in Walworth County include sliding, swinging and folding. Sliding options are also known as gliding or bypass doors. They consist of two or more parts and at least one panel slides back and forth on rollers. Swinging doors are simply hinged frames that swing outward and/or inward. Folding patio entries open accordion style and create large spaces. If you enjoy a seamless flow from outdoors to indoors, these might be right for you.

Energy Efficiency

Because patio doors in Walworth County have notoriously poor energy efficiency, you should pay special attention to a prospective door’s energy rating. Depending on your environment, you may be a better candidate for R-value, low-E glass, UV coatings or other glass options.

The right patio door for you depends heavily on your budget and climate. Do your research and consult with a home improvement specialist to find the right option for you and your space.