Fast and Effective Energy Saving Tips

Posted on October 10 2015

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Rising energy costs coupled with a growing awareness of the human race’s carbon footprint are driving the push for greater home energy efficiency. Everyone is looking for new ways to save just a bit more on their energy bill. Some people are swapping out appliances or considering new door installation in Lake Geneva as well as the following options.

Change Your Showerheads and Toilets

Low flow showerheads and toilets come with a range of flow rates and can significantly lower a homes water usage. In other countries, dual flush toilets are gaining popularity. These models use more water for solid waste and conserve with liquid waste.

Use Efficient Bulbs

About 10 percent of your home’s energy is spent on lighting. LEDs and CFL bulbs used half as much energy as traditional incandescent bulbs without sacrificing light or variety. Both designs last at least 10 times longer than conventional alternatives.

Find Alternative Heating and Cooling Methods

Your HVAC system is necessary, but it is also a significant source of wasted energy. Consider opting for ceiling fans and fireplaces to control your home’s internal temperature. Additionally, get a programmable thermostat and set it to cut the HVAC system while you are at work.

Upgrade Your Doorways

An entryway can be responsible for air leakage, which makes it more difficult to maintain internal home temperatures. With the right door installation in Lake Geneva, you can add extra insulation to your home and eliminate pesky leaks.

Skip the Dryer

Don’t waste water with a half load of laundry. Wait until you have a full load. If you can, use a clothesline or hangers to hang dry your clothes. Alternatively, you can consider more energy efficient washers and dryers.

When you are trying to make your home more energy efficient, look through your home for opportunities to save more. Remembering to turn off your lights or a new door installation in Lake Geneva can make a difference in your monthly bill and overall energy consumption.