Keep Your Home and Wallet Safe With New Windows in Walworth County

Posted on September 20 2015

When is the last time you opened the windows in your home? If you can’t recall any occasion within recent memory and your home is 15 years of age or older, it might be time to give it a try. Most people tend to take the condition of their windows for granted as long as no one throws a brick through them. However, you probably need to make a call for new windows in Walworth County if pulling the current ones open and closed requires the muscle mass of a bodybuilder. Odds are that there are more subtle issues at work that can cause damage to your property as well as your finances.

Aged and faulty framing is often to blame for issues with windows. If you notice from a few steps away that it looks as if the glass isn’t resting in a totally square opening, you need to investigate further. When you live in a place like Wisconsin that is annually subjected to inclement weather during the winter months, the resulting moisture exposure can create conditions which require purchasing replacement windows in Walworth County. Moisture that remains in contact with framing for extended periods of time causes warping and eventually rotting, which is a potential safety hazard that cannot be ignored. Additionally, that outside air has the potential to slowly fade and damage things like carpet, wallpaper, and paintings inside the home. If the added expenses from replacing those ruined items aren’t enough, constant flows of outside air, even small ones coming through gaps that form from warped window framing, cause your home’s heating and cooling systems to have to work harder to maintain a temperature. If your current windows are single instead of double-paned, the effect is compounded, gradually forcing your energy bills to increase.

Fortunately, investing in new windows in Walworth County makes putting a stop to these costly troubles possible. Just be sure to inform the company you hire of the specific issues, as any quality workers will know to choose the new materials accordingly so you’re not doing this again in a few years.