New Windows Make Wisconsin Winters More Pleasant

Posted on September 5, 2017

Residential Window Replacement in Janesville, WI

If you have lived through a winter in Wisconsin, you know how cold it can get. You also know that it regularly rains, snows, and blows. Residential window replacement in Janesville, WI can help make living there a little more comfortable for you and your family. By replacing old windows, your home will be more energy efficient, the resale value of your home may increase, and your windows will be easier to care for.

No one likes to freeze inside their house while the heat escapes out the windows. Many old windows are made using aluminum or wood frames and single-paned glass. Window making technology has improved dramatically in the last few decades and there are many products today that are more energy efficient. New materials (e.g. argon gas, low-e, fiberglass, wood composite, etc.) have the ability to reflect the sun, keep heat in and cold out, and avoid condensation. Not only does this help you stay more comfortable, it also reduces energy costs, saving you money.

New windows also improve the appearance of your home and increase the resale value. Because potential homeowners recognize the advantages of having residential window replacement in Janesville, WI, they may be more likely to purchase your home over one without new windows.

New windows may be easier to care for than old windows. Often, older windows have years of dust and buildup in the tracks or they are rotting and falling apart. This can make it hard to take care of the windows or even use them. New windows give you the opportunity to start fresh.

Wisconsin winters can be cold and wet. Residential window replacement in Janesville, WI can help you stay warm and dry, improve your homes energy efficiency, and improve resale value. Whether you are planning to stay in your home forever or move on in the next year or two, you can't go wrong with new windows.