How Replacing Doors Can Fix a Drafty House

Posted on January 29th, 2015

How Replacing Doors Can Fix a Drafty House

Do you still feel a chill in your home, despite your heater or fireplace running overtime? Even if you have your windows sealed against the weather and your walls insulated, you might not be comfortable without a blanket or sweater. This frustrating problem can also cause your monthly heating bill to skyrocket. One cause for a drafty house is something you might not have considered: Your doors might be letting in the cold winter air through the tiny cracks around the hinges or door jamb. To quickly resolve this issue for good, you might wish to consider door replacement.

While many homeowners look into door replacement for cosmetic reasons, a good contractor will make this project even more worthwhile by effectively sealing off the places that outside air often sneaks in. For the exact reason you'd invest in quality storm windows, upgraded doors can be a valuable addition to your home if you're suffering from cold winter drafts.

It might seem too early to be thinking about the summer heat, but a new set of energy-saving doors will also work to seal out the sweltering heat during the hottest months of the year. In this regard, upgraded doors work throughout the year to reduce both your heating and air conditioning bills and keep your home comfortable in all types of weather. By upgrading your home with weather-proofed doors and windows, your investment will soon pay for itself in lower monthly utility bills.

There is no bad time of year to look into door replacement, especially if you think you can't live another day in a cold, drafty house. Instead of cranking up the heat even more, get to the root of the problem by getting rid of the draft at its source. A qualified building contractor can quickly get those old drafty doors replaced with fresh new ones that will not only improve the look and value of your home, but keep unwanted weather out.