What Replacing Windows and Doors Can Add To Your Home Remodel

Posted on December 28, 2017

Window Installation in Lake Geneva

If you are thinking about home remodeling in Lake Geneva, remember that your windows and doors are essential parts of your home. Replacing old models has many practical benefits including decreasing your energy bill, improving home safety, and increasing your home value.

Energy Efficiency

One reason for replacing windows or doors in your home is to improve insulation to create more energy efficient seals. Old windows and doors may have weak or rotted frames, leaving small gaps and preventing them from closing properly. This can severely raise your energy bills if your cooled air continues to seep outside through the crevices in the summer and heated air escapes in the winter.


Windows and doors that do not close, latch, or lock properly may also be a security threat to your home. If you’re doing home remodeling in Lake Geneva, replacing those old models can help keep your mind at ease, knowing that you and your family are safe.

Curb Appeal and Home Value

Finally, new windows and doors can greatly improve the look of your home, and therefore its investment value. A fine entry door welcomes your family and guests into your home with a beautiful installation that they can’t help but admire. Clean, crisp new windows flank it on either side. Passersby on the street also turn their heads to take in the eye-catching curb appeal. Adding a new patio door to the back or side of your home, moreover, continues the look throughout your home and adds to its overall value.

Material Quality

Choosing the highest quality construction materials recommended by reputable contractors ensures that your home remodeling in Lake Geneva is designed for maximum efficiency, safety, and curb appeal. Fiberglass, for example, is one of the most superior materials for new doors and window frames, as it does not rot or warp like wood, or rust and dent like steel. It is sturdy, seals tightly to its frame, and has the look of traditional wood.

With these practical and design benefits of new window and door installation, your home remodel will be something you remember for years to come.