Why You Should Choose a Fiberglass Door

Posted on July 20 2015

Fiberglass was invented about 25 years ago and it is still the most advanced door and window material available. What does advanced mean in this case? It means low maintenance with maximum life expectancy. Wood is beautiful. Vinyl is cheap. Steel is low maintenance, but fiberglass doors in Walworth County can beat them all effortlessly. Sure, they cost a little more upfront, but you will save in the future when you don’t have to replace your front door like the rest of your neighbors.

Resistant to Everything

You name it and fiberglass can withstand it. Unlike their wooden brethren, fiberglass doors will not warp, bow or twist naturally over time. They are also far less likely to peel, bubble or fade. In metallic doors, scratches can eventually lead to rust and hail or rocks easily dent the panels. Fiberglass doors will resist all of these common occurrences, which means far less maintenance for you as a homeowner.

Energy Efficiency

When if comes to energy efficiency, fiberglass far outstrips any other door material. Metallic doors conduct temperature. That means a cold door in the winter and a hot door in the summer. Wooden frames will contract and expand significantly as the seasons change. This can cause a sticky frame during the summer and an ill-fitting door in the winter. Fiberglass offers five times the insulation of wood and won’t be as susceptible to weather changes. Fiberglass doors in Walworth County can even help you save on your monthly energy costs.

Low Maintenance Beauty

Fiberglass requires little to no maintenance. Aside from wiping off built up grime now and then, you don’t have to worry about typical door upkeep. You won’t have to repaint because of chipping or fading. Plus, if you still want the look and feel of wood, fiberglass doors often have wood grain options available.

Fiberglass doors in Walworth County will give you the most bang for your buck as you look for an entry upgrade. Also, they usually come with a warranty that lasts decades!