Why Your Entry Doors Are Important

Posted on October 12 2015

entry doors in Janesville

Why are entry doors in Janesville, WI so important? They are instrumental to your homes first impression. After ringing the doorbell, your guests will have the opportunity to admire your door before you open it to invite them in. Make sure you they are looking at a piece that really represents your style and accents your home.

Curb Appeal

Real estate agents frequently get calls from clients who want to know more about houses they saw while driving around. The visual appearance of your home makes a lasting impression on others, so for the sake of design and resale potential, a quality door is an essential element of curb appeal.

Energy Efficiency

With the right door upgrade, you can put a dent of up to 10 percent in your monthly energy bill. This can qualify you for certain tax credits and may add to the overall value of your home. The right door should fit properly and provide extra insulation.


Entry doors in Janesville, WI are also a major part of your home’s security and overall durability. Some products are impact resistant and may come with internal safety features. Fiberglass doors in particular work well in many climates.


Doors can be made of metal, wood, vinyl and fiberglass. The frame may have artistic cutouts for clear or colored glass designs. Additionally, doors may have artistic embellishments around the outer edges of the hinged component.

Color Schemes

Ideally, the door will provide some sense of contrast against the homes exterior design. For instance, a bold door color would pair well with a more muted siding. Your door should make a statement without overshadowing the other elements of your curb appeal.

Entry doors in Janesville, WI are the windows to your home’s soul. Don’t let yours be drab or uninspired, but instead, view it as an opportunity to set yourself apart. Upgrade your door to match your sense of style and inject some fresh excitement into your curb appeal.